Ads Of Another World


Ads Of Another World is a satirical project, using advertising to critique and comment on advertising in our current society.

“Design Direction”

Ads Of Another World was designed to be a premium-looking, limited edition collector’s book, housing 14 satire print advertisements.  All of the print ads were specifically copywritten and art directed for this project.

Initial research was done on the world of advertising to understand current situation before the brands were chosen. A more in-depth study was then conducted on the chosen brands to understand the brand philosophy of these brands. The satire print ads were designed in the tone of the brands.

The finished book was an accordion book as it is a book intended for the owner to display on a shelf like a badge of honour, much like the overvalued products in the world today.

“Type of Work”


“Printed On”
180gsm Grandeur Zen White
Accordion Bind


Print Ads

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