BeBallsy – In Collaboration with FRANK OCBC SINGAPORE


BeBallsy is a typographic art installation near FRANK OCBC, North Spine in NTU, an embodiment of courage and determination. The installation is purposed to empower youth to ‘BE BALLSY’ and take on new adventures into career pathways or any ambition.

“Design Direction”

This installation is modelled after a Labyrinth game involving some form of taking calculated risk to avoid obstacles (the holes in the , and the user can always “try again” if they fail reach the end goal. This idea ties in with the concept “Be Ballsy”.

The Labyrinth is constructed using 4 key modules to form the word “Be Ballsy”. With this 4 modules, it is easy for OCBC Frank to craft another message within the labyrinth game. These modules are then used to create the maze walls within the game.

“Type of Work”
Typographic Installation


“Made With”
3mm Plywood


“In collaboration with”

Sylvester Tan, Daryl Bradley, Clara Lim

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