The Days


This is an artistic expression in a form of a handcrafted book of the song The Days by Avicii. This song talks about a never ending friendship, bringing across the idea of happiness and hope.

“Design Direction”

Through the design and the nature of how this book was made, I wanted to express a raw and authentic feeling with a personal touch to the book as how I interpreted the song to be a song about friendship.

The book was laid out in an energetic and dynamic way to accentuate the positive energy that is in this song. In order to communicate that raw and authentic feeling with a personal touch, pleat paper was chosen as the medium. Coptic stitch was how that book was bound as it gave the book a handmade touch.

The numbered, limited edition idea further enhances the personal touch this piece of work intended to convey.

“Type of Work”
Editorial Design


“Printed On”
120 gsm Pleat Paper
Coptic Stitch


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