The Unfinished Portfolio – First Edition


Being a designer is a never ending journey. Design shapes the world we see today. Each piece of work in a portfolio is an edition of ourselves, a continuous snapshot of a designer’s career and life.

“Design Direction”

Being primarily interested in print and the touch quality to printed material itself, I presented the portfolio in a physical medium that best expresses myself.

The first edition of my portfolio is designed like a document and a publication of myself. The cover of this edition is designed to function as a cover as well as a print on its own as I believe that the viewer’s interaction with my design is equally important as the visual itself. Each page is also designed like a personal document of my work. Printing on newsprint-like material also accentuates the raw touch to the portfolio itself. 

“Type of Work”
Editorial Design


“Printed On”
Recypal 70gsm 


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