Traversing Beyond –
A Sound Festival


Traversing Beyond is sound exhibition held in the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, China. This festival aims to rediscover the significance of sound in the Temple of Heaven, and by extension, rediscover the significance of the Temple of Heaven.

“Design Direction”

A circular identity was chosen because ancient Chinese believed that Heaven is round. Various circles in the collaterals are designed to interact with each other to create a visual illusion that there is something beyond, in accordance with
the concept of traversing beyond. An example of this is the festival guide that has one circle slightly elevated over the other to cast a shadow on the bottom.

The tickets and the posters also have the intersecting circles, creating the effect of a glow, inviting the audience to go deeper.

“Type of Work”
Branding & Identity


“Printed On”
Maple Bright 140gsm & 220gsm


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